Polycultures take 5mo to recover polycultures are

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Unformatted text preview: e 8-9mo to recover. Polycultures take 5mo to recover Polycultures are more resilient to natural disturbance -In only the most INTENSE disturbance, the monoculture takes the LONGEST to recover from clipping What is the mechanism? • Diverse, polycultures are more likely to have tolerant genotypes that can regrow quickly – Sampling Effect • Over performance of polycultures also indicate some interaction between genotypes – Likely because of different resource uptake strategies of the genotypes – More resource strategies more more niches less less competition -Diff genotypes manipulate diff parts of -Compare to Tilman's results on species diversity (Slide 4) t he enviro for recovery = less competiton 15 Hughes and Stachowicz, 2011, Journal of Ecology 99: 445 453 -Polyculture have a higher percentage of shoots that sur vive in a NATURAL disturbance Solidago (goldenrod) 16 -Sampling Effect: just simply more likely that you will have a genotype that is resistant. If t he polycult does not have this genotype, it will not recover well. (Compare to potato yield a nd pathogens) -IT IS NOT A SAMPLING EFFECT! There is some sort of interaction b/w genotypes! -This is inferred from the 'e xpectation' result: expectation assumes each genotype is acting i ndependently. Polycult recovers even faster than this expect rate, therefore it is NOT the result of sampling effect http://bugguide.net/node/view/461313 -Animal pollinated f lower -Sticky pollen that s ticks to animals,bees e tc. Galls on plant Rhopalomyia solidagini...
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