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2 another victim of altered landscapes passenger

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Unformatted text preview: altered landscapes Difficulty arises due to this anthropogenic change. 2. Another victim of altered landscapes Passenger pigeon Ectopistes migratorius 9 3 4/3/2013 Huge flocks of these species. At the time of settlement, the projection was that there were about 3 to 5 billion. Huge nomadic flocks roamed eastern North America at time of European settlement "The Pidgeons, of which there are millions of millions. I have seen a flight of Pidgeons in the Spring, and at Michaelmas when they return back to the Southward, for four or five miles, that to my thinking had neither beginning nor ending, length nor breadth, and so thick that I could see no Sun.” J. Josselyn, 1663 A shattering decline: from the most abundant to absolutely nothing • At European settlement, 3 5 billion individuals • ~1/3 of all NA bird individuals • Migrating flocks 1 mile wide, 300 miles long • In 1870’s, remaining flocks still “darkening the skies” • Extinct in the wild by 1900 • 1 September 1914— “Martha” dies at 29 in the Cincinnati Zoo Huge migratory event. University of Chicago,1910 Martha 11 What happened? Organized s...
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