As you move away from the water temperature gets

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Unformatted text preview: West to East, more melanics as you go east Ocean has huge influence on the temperature of terrestrial systems. As you move away from the water, temperature gets colder. • 2004: Temperature gradient erased, cline in melanics eliminated • C02 Warming • Warming eliminates temperature gradients • Change in temperature eliminates fitness advantage of melanics • Change in fitness of genotypes evolution in response to climate warming Species mostly affected by such changes are those of short generation time (e.g., insects). Figures modified from Brakefield and de Jong (2011), Heredity 107: 574 578 11 4/3/2013 Summary • Global climate change is having significant effects on organisms – Migration – Phenology – Range limits – Evolution • The data supporting anthropogenic climate change is overwhelming, as are the data on biological responses How hard can you push a support system? Ethical concerns with regards to "pushing" the earth's natural system. Recall antagonistic pleiotropy from Rowe's lectures: -natural selection favors alleles with short term gains, even if there are long term costs resulting in bodies that are programmed to senesce and die How do we change our social structures and manage senescence? Natural selection is blind; has no mechanism to take future costs into account but the human imagination can in principle consider future consequences. 12...
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