Combination of ecological responses changes in

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Unformatted text preview: es can happen so fast that species may not be able to migrate or evolve. Combination of ecological responses, changes in distribution of species, and evolutionary responses. Species are evolving as their climate changes. We need to keep track of the idea of how are species going to respond (migration vs. adaptation/tolerance). 1 4/3/2013 1. Pronghorn “antelope”: migratory grazers of open grassland (BIO120) This particular area is rich is natural gas. Humans have a strong desire to extract it out of the ground. Migration corridor of one herd: right through Green River natural gas fields What pronghorn are good at: Fastest North American mammal—by far! Why they are so good at it: “American Cheetah,” Miracinonyx, went extinct 11,000 YBP Evolved to escape American cheetahs? downside is that they are not very good at getting through barb-wired fences that have been put up to demarcate areas to be explored for natural gas extraction. Skeleton convergently similar to true African cheetah, but mDNA indicates more closely related to American cougar 2 4/3/2013 What pronghorn are bad at: Sad history of whole herds killed at fences in winter Climate change migrations will be hampered by human...
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