Easy solution focus on genetic polymorphisms or

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Unformatted text preview: ing genetic change is hard Ecological changes Why didn't Pikas evolve greater tolerance for the rising temperatures? • Easy solution: focus on genetic polymorphisms or Mendelian traits – Phenotype Genotype • Melanic dominant to orange • Dark gives a Quantitative trait challenge:thermal advantage under: How often are species going to be able to evolve and adapt to the continuously changing climate? Cold temperatures Low wind Intermittent sunshine High radiation we can't infer genotype from phenotype. http://www.opalexplorenature.org/TwospotLadybird (unlike Mendelian traits) 10 4/3/2013 Figures modified from Brakefield and de Jong (2011), Heredity 107: 574 578 Color coded: the darker the blue, the colder it was that year. Season Winter Spring Summer Autumn Total what we see is a year-round increases in temperature (throughout all 4 seasons). Time Colder than average, melanic favored Warmer than average, red favored Prediction: As we move in time, the redfavoring genotype should be favored. Figures modified from Brakefield and de Jong (2011), Heredity 107: 574 578 • 1980: Colder...
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