Forest fragmentation from historical records cadiz

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Unformatted text preview: laughter 12 4 4/3/2013 human modification of the landscape was changing what the pigeon was adapted for. Forest fragmentation from historical records, Cadiz Township, Wisconsin Green = forest, white = agriculture or town Passenger pigeon superbly adapted for this landscape, but not this one. From Raven et al. 13 Hunting could not have done it alone: • Nut feeder; pigeon was so successful because it beat the predator avoidance strategy of oak and beech mast crops • Colonial life style: allee effects likely (needed combination of habitat modification and human hunting eliminated the species. aggregation) • In pre settlement north America, there was always mast somewhere… • …but not after massive loss of forest and fragmentation • Remaining flocks searching for shrinking remnants of forest; hunters recruited by telegraph and railroad; no predator refuge, no density dependent controls on hunters The destruction of habitat has now been reversed, restoring their original habitat in which they had adapted. • The irony: today’s landscape would probably prevent extinction in New England 14 5 4/3/2...
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