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Ljubica lukic dan clarke athena fung kieran samuk in

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Unformatted text preview: ) Pyke’s censuses repeated by U of T ROP399 students, 2006 7 Replicate the bee community along the altitudinal transect. Ljubica Lukic Dan Clarke Athena Fung Kieran Samuk in both transects, there has been a shift to the right. You have to go up the mountain to observe shift. Fraction of long-tongued bumble bees 1.2 1 0.8 2007 B. appositus 2007 B. kirbyellus 0.6 0.4 SHIFT 1974 B. appositus 1974 B. kirbyellus 0.2 0 2908 2924 2948 2994 3074 3141 3177 3252 Elevation (m) along Gothic Road Transect 8 4/3/2013 Magnitudes of upward shifts Transect Gothic Road Long tongued pair 100 Short tongued pair 200 Schofield 0 >350 Bellview 150 >400 Washington Gulch >200 >200 How important is a shift of 250 m? Recall altitude latitude conversion from BIO120 • Roughly, 100 m altitude = 300 km latitude What is the magnitude of such a shift? Enormous, directional shift in distribution of species. These date don't prove that it's climate change behind this (but climate change is the obvious suspect). • So, ~250 m shift equivalent to ~800 km shift Are these changes general? Climate Warms on a cont...
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