5 is almost canceled by its zero at on the other hand

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Unformatted text preview: th time constant 2, which translates 1 and pole, at s =of which Thus C is one such system. 1.01 and hence its effect E has 0.5. is almost canceled by its zero at On the other hand, is poles at to a 0.5 former poles at 1small, making the oneof which is almost canceled by itsthe impulse 1.01 andof E would effect is and 0.5, former at 0.5 the dominant pole. Therefore, zero at response hence its also be roughly sketched as the dominant pole. C, E small, making the one at 0.5 shown. So the answer isTherefore, the impulse response of E would also be roughly Which of the following systems answer is C, E 24. sketched as shown. So the have the largest percent overshoot in response to a step input? 24. Which of the following 10 systems have the largest percent+ 1 3 s overshoot in response to a step input? 10 (A) s2 + 2s + 10 (B) s 2 + 2s + 5 (C) s2 + 2s + 10 (D) 2s + 5 10 3 s+1 10 (A) 2 (B) 2 (C) 2 (D) s Solution: 10 first order system never has an overshoot, so D is not + 5solution. For second order + 2s + A s +...
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