57 s reaches the peak value 2 135 27 at t 46 and

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Unformatted text preview: state value in 0.57 s, reaches the peak value 2 ⇥ 1.35 = 2.7 at t = 4.6, and settles down within 1% of the final value in 4.6 s. You should sketch it and compare with the matlab plot. 3. For each of the following three systems: (a) pendulum without friction (b) inverted pendulum (c) mass-spring-dashpot system choose the corresponding transfer function from: (A) s2 1 + 2s + 10 (B) s2 1 +4 (C) 1 s2 5 (D) 1 s+1 Solution: A pendulum without friction would oscillate indefinitely, so its transfer function would have a pair of poles on the imaginary axis. An inverted pendulum would be unstable and diverge without oscillation, so it should have at least one real positive pole. A mechanical system with mass, spring, and dashpot would be stable, and of order at least two. Therefore, (a) B (b) C (c) A 4. Consider the system described by 3¨ + ✓ = u, z¨ ˙ z + 2✓ = 10✓. ¨ Find the transfer function from u to ✓. Solution: Taking the Laplace transform of the differential equations, (3Z + ...
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