What is the steady state 9 response tt steady

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Unformatted text preview: by the 9. What is the steady state 9. response (t(t) steady thesystem P ((s)yandwhen the system Pgiven bythe input u(t) are giv responseis the when the system P s) (t) the input u(t) are (s) and the What y ) state response following? following? following? 2 P ( s) = 2 p , u(t) = 5 + 4 sin t. P (s) = s p , 3 u(t) = 5 + (ssin t. 2p , P4)= u(t) = 5 + 4 sin t. + s+ 3 s+ 3 p Solution: Since the system is stable (pole of P (s) at p 3 has negative real part), the steady state exists p Solution: Since the system is stable (pole of P (s) at Solution: Since the system 3 has negativeof P (part), the steady state exists is stable sum real s at 3 has negative real for the output. By linearity, the total response is given as the (poleof two;) one resulting from input part), the steady s foru (t)output. By linearity, for the output. = 4 linearity, as the sum of two;is given as theinput of two; one resulting f the = 5 and the other from input u (t) By singiven the total response one resulting from input the total respo...
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