That a set of control objectives are satised control

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Unformatted text preview: ntrol) - r = reference command w = disturbance u = control input y = output v = sensor noise e := r − y = error 2 s−1 (s − 1)(s + 2) no cancellation Design Problem Given a plant G(s), find a controller D(s) such that a set of control objectives are satisfied. Control Objectives (1) Stability: (2) Tracking: y (t) follows r(t). (when w = v = 0.) (3) Regulation: keep y (t) near a constant set point in the presence of w and v . (4) Control effort: keep u(t) small. (Do not exceed the actuator capacity) (5) Sensitivity: Robustness to system parameters change. 4 Open Loop Design Transfer function: Y = GDR + GW OLC: input u+W, output Y = G(u+W). But D=u/R ->u=DR. Substitute in Y to get ex...
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