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Main Street Cemetery - Nicole Rektorski 1 Main Street...

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Nicole Rektorski Main Street Cemetery Main Street Cemetery in Downers Grove is a small cemetery, but a very beautiful one at that. There were headstones, trees, flowers on the graves and encircling a bench, a park and buildings surrounding the cemetery, and a fence enclosing it. I could hear the wind blowing in the trees and cars past driving in the street. I could also see and hear the autumn leaves falling to the ground. I physically felt the wind and I emotionally felt sorrow. What impressed me most about Main Street Cemetery was the small size of it. Also, the headstones impressed me because some of them were very simple and plain while others were large and had intricate details. Although I was in a cemetery, which reminds people of death, it was actually surrounded by life and beauty. I was surprised to feel all the emotions that hit me as I interpreted what I was observing during my visit. The headstones, trees, flowers, and benches I listed above as what I saw in the cemetery all brought beauty. I believe they are meant to beautify the cemetery so those grieving have it all around them to look at, most of which also represent life. Flowers and trees are alive, and the benches are placed for people (life) to sit on and possibly reflect on their own lives as they mourn the loss of their loved ones. The beautiful aspects added to the cemetery reminded me about our class discussion on beauty and what it means for something to be beautiful. Beauty is whatever you make it out to be. I thought the flowers, headstones, and trees were beautiful when I really thought about it because they brought life to a place that is initially depressing to most. It wasn’t initially beauty to me when I just looked at it. Interpreting the contrast between death in a cemetery and beauty in a cemetery is what was truly beautiful in my opinion. 1
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Nicole Rektorski As I stood and listened while standing there alone, I heard the sound of people talking, cars passing by, and the wind blowing. Autumn leaves falling to the ground were also able to be both seen and heard while standing in Main Street Cemetery. This reminder of the change in seasons aided me in comparing that cycle of seasons with the cycle of life; people and things are constantly changing. Just like the leaves turning colors and falling from the trees, people get old and eventually die too. This relates to the idea that growth and reproduction are the main characteristics of life. Growth is a constant change in plants and people, whether it is internal or external. Even though all living
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