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A SSIGNMENT 4 Due Monday, February 4 (Questions 1 and 2): Q1. Refer to the following information. What are Jack’s economic costs? $_ __ Jack’s economic profit for the year is $ __ _ Jack turned down the offer of a job at Arby’s for $12,500 a year, deciding to open his own pizza parlor. Jack invested his savings of $3,500 (which had previously been earning interest at 5% a year), in his pizza parlor. Other information for Jack’s business for the first year (2006) is shown below: Total Revenue from sale of pizza to customers $45,000 Wages of pizza delivery boys and other workers $15,000 Jack pays himself a salary $5,000 Wheat, tomatoes, cheese and other ingredients $5,000
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Unformatted text preview: Phone and Utilities $200 Q2. Type the following data in an Excel spreadsheet. Then plug in the formulas for TVC, TFC, MC and ATC and use Excel to work out the blank columns. Print out a copy of the results. Also print a copy of the formulas in your spreadsheet : To do this, put the cursor in a cell and hold down the CTRL key and the ~ (tilda) key. You will notice that the formulas are now displayed in your worksheet. Now go to the print menu and print. Make sure your results will fit on one page: you can change the width of the columns to fit the results on a page or you may print in landscape. Quantity TC TVC TFC MC ATC TVC TFC 1 2 3 4 5 6...
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