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Unformatted text preview: in the nucleus but not the cytoplasm (or construct #1 detected in nucleus but not the cytoplasm) 2. pVII with only aa 1 ­81 is found only in the cytoplasm (or construct #2 detected only in the cytosol) 3. pVII with only aa 82 ­198 is found only in the nucleus (or construct #3 detected only in the nucleus) b) What can you conclude from this experiment? Explain (3 marks) The NLS in pVII is contained within aa 82 198, but not within aa 1 81 (1 pt),. This is because: full length pVII is detected in the nucleus but not the cytoplasm, indicating that pVII is imported into the nucleus; aa 1 ­81 is found only in the cytoplasm, indicating that there is no signal for nuclear import in this region of pVII; aa 82 ­198 is found only in the nucleus, indicating that this region of pVII contains a signal for nuclear import (2 pts),. Page 5 of 6 Question 6. (15 marks) ESSAY. (answer in exam booklet) Binding of proteins to DNA and RNA is the most essential process for nuclear organization and function. Discuss with at least 2 relevant examples. 5 marks – Essay structure and logic: Thesis statement on common themes (2), grammar, spelling and overall clarity (2), organ...
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