Student answer asymmetric distribution of annexin v

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Unformatted text preview: een fluorescence on ROVs (need to state something about more or differential fluorescence- 1 pt) Student answer: - IOV shows more annexin V than ROV, and therefore phosphatidyl serine; ROV vesicles have spots of annexin V in the membrane, IOV has it evenly distributed. b) What do the data mean? (2 marks) Difference in Fluorescence in the two membrane preps is most likely due to fluorescently labelled annexin V binding to phospholipids in IOV preps compared to binding in ROV preps. Since Annexin V specifically binds to phosphotidylserine, there must be a greater prevalence of phosphatidylserine in the cytoplasmic leaflet than in the extracellular leaflet; (need to state something about differential phosphatidylserine- 2 pts). Student answer: Asymmetric distribution of annexin V bound phosphatidyl serine on inner and outer leaflets Phosphatidyl serine is more spread out on the inner leaflet. c) What could be a plausible explanation for the observed data? (2 mar...
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