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The rna polymerase promoters and the spliceosome use

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Unformatted text preview: te. e) mRNA is the only type of RNA that is processed prior to being exported from the nucleus. rRNA and tRNA are not. False. ALL RNA are processed before exiting the nucleus, including mRNA, tRNA and rRNA. f) All signals required for transcription and transcript processing are carried within the sequence of the DNA True. The RNA polymerase, promoters and the spliceosome use specific nucleotide sequences when binding to DNA/ RNA. (False also accepted if cite 5’ cap modification as the exception) g) All the RNA required for the formation of the ribosome is synthesized in the nucleolus. False. Ribosomes also have proteins in them. These proteins are translated from mRNA that was transcribed inside the nucleus but NOT in the nucleolus. (True also accepted if logic is sound). Page 2 of 6 Question 3 (6 marks) Shown below is a drawing representing the arrangement of proteins on plasma membrane of a cell. In the following experiment, proteins A, B, and C are being extracted from membranes (pictured above) after various experimental treatments (listed below). The extracted proteins will then be separated by size using gel electrophoresis (SDS ­PAGE) . Predict the results that you would expect to see in this experiment by drawing clearly labelled p...
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