Also accepted if bands unlabeled but banding pattern

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Unformatted text preview: rotein bands on the gel image below. Lane 1: intact cell with no protease treatment Lane 2: hole in cell (broken cell) with no protease treatment Lane 3: membrane solubilized completely by detergent first followed by protease treatment Lane 4: intact cell + treatment with a solution of high salt concentration + no protease treatment Lane 5: intact cells + protease treatment Lane 6: hole in the cell (broken cell) + protease treatment One mark for each lane – all or none; Lane 6 bands B and C shown shifted down partly also accepted. If bands unlabeled, but banding pattern matches answer key, then marks out of 3 only Page 3 of 6 Question 4 (6 marks) Two membrane preparations have been derived from the plasma membrane of red blood cells and are present in a buffer solution: (1) right ­side ­out membrane vesicles, in which the extracellular leaflet of the vesicle faces the buff...
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