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B since introns are noncoding they do not have to be

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Unformatted text preview: ption will only affect some transcript copies by the RNA polymerase, whereas errors in DNA polymerase will be inherited and affect all subsequent transcripts produced in such cells. b) Since introns are non ­coding, they do not have to be removed precisely from the primary transcript during RNA splicing. False. Introns must be removed precisely from the transcript, so that coding sequences are not removed accidentally, or become out of frame. c) mRNA could not possibly contain the sequence 5' ­ATTGACCCCGTGCAA ­3' True. In mRNA the Thymine is exchanged for Uracil. To be in mRNA it would have to be 5' ­AUUGACCCCGUGCAA ­3' d) The 5' cap and poly A tail can only be added once the entire mRNA has been transcribed. False. The 5' cap is added while the transcript is still being synthesized. The poly ­A tail is only added after transcription is comple...
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