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Dierent types of transmied light microscopy bright

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Unformatted text preview: 17, both edi:ons) ECB DVD Types of Light Microscopy TransmiAed light LM •  Light passes through specimen and viewed •  Bright field •  Dark field •  Phase contrast •  Differen:al interference ­ contrast (DIC) EmiAed light LM •  Coloured light (or lasers) are used to excite photons that are then emi\ed by sample and viewed •  Fluorescence •  Immunofluorescence •  Confocal Can you draw the path of light through the microscope? Different Types of Transmi\ed Light Microscopy Bright Field Phase Contrast Differen:al Interference Contrast (DIC) ECB p. 8 (panel 1 ­1) Using a brigheield light microscope, which of these organelles could you see? Panel 1 ­2 (both edi:ons) Confocal fluorescence microscopy Use of lasers and op:cal sec:oning removes out of focus light (increases resolu:on of light microscope) fluorescence microscopy confocal microscopy Panel 1 ­1 Confocal microscopy cuts opNcal slices through sample. Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) is o<en used for live cell fluorescent imaging absorbs blue light emits green h\p://no...
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