Recognize how noncovalent interacons including

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Unformatted text preview: Electron microscopy Next class: •  Unit 2 – Biological Membranes. We will use the forma:on of a biological membrane to discuss the different categories of macromolecules. Homework: Review macromolecules on your own. Come to class prepared to problem solve. Readings in textbook A. Introduc:on to macromolecules: Molecules in cells, pages 50 ­59 and 62 ­65:   Carbohydrates: panel 2 ­3 (pp 68 – 69)   Nucleic acids: panel 2 ­6 (pp 74  ­ 75)   Proteins: panel 2 ­5 (pp 72 ­73); also (important!) Chapter 4, pages 119 ­143. B.  Panel 2...
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