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Further it is wise to mention that the above

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Unformatted text preview: ors to discourage assessing the results in the context of quality of the random events derived from the random number generator. Further, it is wise to mention that the above observations are speci c to using random real numbers, and not random integers. In particular, there may exist a resonance between the physical problem and random integers such as the successive odd/even pairs obtained when using a modulus of a power of two in a linear, congruential generator. As the complexity of the problem decreases, the potential for problems with the random number generator increases. We note that FORTRAN 90 will obviate many of the impediments to a portable implementation of random number generators, as: (1) it allows arbitrary precision in numbers, which can be made large enough to eliminate over ow and problems with a sign bit, and (2) it has embedded in the language functions to return the date and time, which now are system calls and vary from system to system. Moreover, a random number generator intrinsic function exists as part of the language, and it may be quite good (although it will have to be tested thoroughly by the Monte Carlo community before gaining universal acceptance). 8 References N. S. Altman. \Bitwise Behavior of Random Number Generators," SIAM J. Sci. Stat. Comput., 9(5), September, pps. 941-949, 1988. G. M. Amdahl. \Validity of the single processor approach to achieving large-scale computing capabilities," Proceedings of the American Federation of Information Processing Societies, 30, Washington, DC, pps. 483-485, 1967. S. L. Anderson. \Random Number Generators on Vector Supercomputers and Other 42 Advanced Architectures," SIAM Review, 32 (2), pps. 221-251, 1990. E. F. Beckenback (ed.) Modern Mathematics for the Engineer, McGraw Hill, New York, NY, 1956. K. Binder. Applications of the Monte Carlo Method in Statistical Physics, SpringerVerlag, Berlin, 1984. J. 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Handscomb. Monte Carlo Methods, Methuen, London, 1964. D. B. Heifetz. \Vectorizing and macrotasking Mont...
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