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Families of children with behavioural dicules tend to

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Unformatted text preview: ernal vs. External Inten*onal vs. Uninten*onal –  Child Parent •  Ability •  Effort •  Task –  Parent Child •  Blame/Credit (self or other) APribu*ons APribu*ons for Child’s Behaviour Parent Behaviour Child Behaviour APribu*ons for Parent’s Behaviour APribu*ons •  Nega*ve parent aPribu*ons associated with a wide range of child outcomes –  Depressive symptoms –  Aggression –  Anxiety •  …and parent outcomes –  Depression –  Physical abuse Families with ADHD •  How does all of this play out in real families? •  Families of children with behavioural difficul*es tend to make more maladap*ve aPribu*ons and engage in more nega*ve paren*ng behaviours –  APen*on Deficit/Hyperac*vity Disorder (ADHD) •  InaPen*on •  Hyperac*vity ...
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