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Manga Final syllabus Manga Anime 2013-14

manga an anthology of global and cultural

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Unformatted text preview: as that will be the only record of your presence in class. Students absent three classes will receive 4 points out of 5; absent four classes will receive 3 points out of 5; absent five classes will receive 2 points out of 5; absent six classes will receive 1 point out of 5; absent seven classes or more will receive a 0 on attendance. Absences may be excused if you show documentation to the instructor. Students who arrive late or leave early will be credited only ½ for that day’s attendance. (5 points) Final Grades: Short papers: 2 x 15 = 30 points Manga review: 15 points Anime analysis: 15 points Final paper/project: 25 points; 5 for turning in topic paragraph and outline on time and 20 for essay Attendance: 5 points Part...
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