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2 2002 12438 w 226 gendersexsexuality in other genres

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Unformatted text preview: o Boy Essays. Berkeley, CA: Stonebridge Press, 2007; pp. 98- 118. W 1/22 MANGA/ANIME REVIEW DUE Tezuka Osamu’s Metropolis—watch film in class Required Readings: 1) Mark Gilson, “A Brief History of Japanese Robophilia.” Leonardo 31:5 (1998), 367- 69. F 1/24 film. Tezuka Osamu’s Metropolis—watch film in class No required readings: think about earlier readings in relation to this Recommended readings for Week 3: - - Sharalyn Orbaugh, “The Genealogy of the Cyborg in Japanese Popular Culture,” World Weavers, 55- 71. - - Sianne Ngai, “The Cuteness of the Avant- Garde.” From Critical Inquiry, 31:4 (2005); pp. 811- 847. - - Eiji Otsuka, “Disarming Atom: Tezuka Osamu’s Manga at War and Peace,” Mechademia 3 (2008), 111- 125....
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