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2 elaine graham the gates of difference esp pages 47

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Unformatted text preview: ic Desires: Hans Bellmer’s Dolls and the Technological Uncanny in Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence,” Mechademia 3 (2008), 222- 253. - - Sharalyn Orbaugh, “Emotional Infectivity: Cyborg Affect and the Limits of the Human,” Mechademia 3, 150- 172. Cyborgs/Robots/Posthuman Family Day: no class Wrap- up discussion of cyborgs/robots/posthuman No class, but FIRST SHORT PAPER DUE. February 17- 21, Mid- term break: no class. Enjoy yourself! Read some manga! Watch some anime! Wk 7 GENDER/SEX/SEXUALITY M 2/24 Gender/sex/sexuality in shôjo manga Required Readings: 1) Yukari Fujimoto, “Transgender: Female Hermaphrodites and Male Androgynes,” U.S.- Japan Women’s Journal # 27 (2004), 76- 117. 2) Natsu Onoda, “Drag Prince in Spotlight: Theatrical...
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