Manga Final syllabus Manga Anime 2013-14

Academic integrity students who submit written work

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Unformatted text preview: “The Animalization of Otaku Culture,” trans Yuriko Furuhata and Marc Steinberg. In Frenchy Lunning, ed., Mechademia 2 (2007). Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press; 175- 187. - - Hiroki Azuma, “Database Animals,” Fandom Unbound, 10- 67. - - Cathy Sell, “Manga Translation and Interculture,” Mechademia 6, 93- 108. - - Meredith Suzanne Hahn Aquila, “Ranma ½ Fan Fiction Writers: New Narrative Themes or the Same Old Story?,” Mechademia 2, 34- 47. - - Lawrence Eng, “Strategies of Engagement: Discovering, Defining, and Describing Otaku Culture in the United States,” Fandom Unbound, 85- 104. - - Mizuko Ito, “Contributors versus Leechers: Fansubbing Ethics and a Hybrid Public Culture,” Fandom Unbound, 179- 204. Wk 13 Course wrap- up M...
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