Manga Final syllabus Manga Anime 2013-14

C range adequate 55 67 fulfills basic requirements

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Unformatted text preview: nsumer Culture in Contemporary Japan. Albany: State University of New York Press, 2004; 169- 188. 3) Hiroaki Tamagawa, “Comic Market as Space for Self- Expression in Otaku Culture, Fandom Unbound, 107- 132. Global fan cultures Required Readings: 1) Andrea Wood (WSQ) 2) Susan Napier, “Anime Nation: Cons, Cosplay, and (Sub)Cultural Capital,” Impressionism to Anime, 149- 167. 3) Susan Napier, “Differing Destinations: Cultural Identification, Orientalism, and “Soft Power” in Twenty- First- Century Anime Fandom,” Impressionism to Anime, 169- 190. Recommended readings for Week 12: - - Kaichiro Morikawa, “Otaku and the City: The Rebirth of Akihabara,” Fandom Unbound, 133- 157. - - Daisuke Okabe, “Cosplay, Learning, and Cultural Practice,” Fandom Unbound, 225- 248. - - Hiroki Azuma,...
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