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Manga Final syllabus Manga Anime 2013-14

If you find that you cannot meet a deadline or cannot

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Unformatted text preview: Saturday night is the last minute to turn in this paper.) Wk 12 Wrap up ANIMALITY/THE MONSTROUS/ABJECTION, transition to FAN CULTURES M 3/31 Wrap- up animality/monstrous/abjection Discuss Spirited Away Required Reading: 1) Sharalyn Orbaugh, “Girls Reading Harry Potter, Girls Writing Desire,” Tomoko Aoyama and Barbara Hartley, eds., Girl Reading Girl in Japan, 174- 186. W 4/2 2) Thomas Lamarre, “Speciesism, Part 1: Translating Races into Animals in Wartime Animation,” Mechademia 3, 75- 96. 3) Frenchy Lunning, “Under the Ruffles: Shôjo and the Morphology of Power,” Mechademia 6, 3- 19. FAN CULTURES Dojinshi, otaku, goods, cos- play in Japan Required Readings: F 4/4 1) William Kelly, “Locating the Fans,” Fanning the Flames, 1- 16. 2) Matt Thorn, “Girls and Women Getting out of Hand: The Pleasure and Politics of Japan’s Amateur Comics Community.” In Fanning the Flames: Fans and Co...
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