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Manga Final syllabus Manga Anime 2013-14

The point of this exercise is to become more critical

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Unformatted text preview: ore about a particular topic. They often make good sources for further research for papers. All the readings—required and recommended—can be found on the Connect site, except for one manga that you must purchase (details below). 2) Manga/anime review Students will write a short review (750- 1000 words) of a manga or anime of your choice. (Any Japanese- made anime TV series, OAV, or movie, or any Japanese- made manga is okay.) This review should begin (approx. 250 words) by introducing the work as if describing it to someone who has never seen/read it: main plotline, important characters, main themes, visual style, etc.—whatever makes it significant and appealing (or unappealing). But do not spend too much of your paper on description. The majority of the review (500- 7...
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