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00 100 deep 100 075 deep 05 engineering education

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Unformatted text preview: 0” 1.00” deep 1.00” 0.75” deep 0.5” Engineering Education Dimension This Properly Engineering Education Principles of Good Dimensioning Include sufficient dimensions (See pg 389 in1024 Text) Dimension each feature only once don’t over dimension Dimension features in the most descriptive view This is the Contour Rule Don’t dimension to hidden lines if at all possible Avoid dimensioning inside the object Dimension holes in the circular view, Dimension positive cylinders in the rectangular view Dimension arcs <= 180o with radius symbol, R Dimension arcs > 180o with diameter symbol, Ø Extension lines should not touch object Extension lines should not cross dimension lines Engineering Dimension between views if possible Education Tolerances Tolerance: Tolerance: the total amount a dimension may vary Limits: Limits: the extreme permissible numerical dimensions of a part, the applica...
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