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matlab programming hands on via cylindersphere

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Unformatted text preview: 0a) (why program?) MATLAB programming (hands-on via cylinder/sphere algorithm) LECTURE not b • CWOT? • 4 ‘TORG meetings’ & 4 workshops • Demonstrate the ability to write computer programs for engineering analysis • • • Develop algorithms Develop flowcharts Develop MATLAB programs; MATLAB is an easy, high-level, sequential language • m/c test 25% (week 10R) hands-on test 5% (week 9 ws) hw/quiz/etc 5% hands- Engineering Education Programming and Algorithm Development DyKnow your feelings about programming below: Engineering Education Why should engineers know how to write a computer program? Engineering Education Rationale for Learning Algorithm Development/Programming Graphics Communication Hand Hand Sketching Design Inventor Inventor Teamwork Teamwork Development Algorithm • Computers are routinely used in all fields of engineering to help solve Project Project Manageme...
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