Understand the purpose of creating a primary

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Unformatted text preview: the purpose of creating a primary auxiliary view To be able to interpret a primary auxiliary view and identify the adjacent view Engineering Education In which view is the hole best dimensioned? A B A. Top B. Front C. Right D. None C Engineering Education The hole best dimensioned in view where it is TSS, in auxiliary view. Sketch the Partial Auxiliary View Engineering Education Partial Auxiliary View Now Dimension the Hole Partial Aux View Engineering Education Partial Aux. View with Dim. Hole Now, Sketch Full Auxiliary View Partial Aux View Engineering Education Full or Complete Auxiliary View Complete Auxiliary View Engineering Education Drawings and Parts Distribute Distribute drawings and parts Please Please return at end of today’s class Notice Notice views show, scales, dimensions, tolerances, title blocks, etc. Engineering Education Working drawings: The The set of drawings that specify the manufacture and assembly of a product based on its design. A complete set of working drawings will include: Detail drawings of all non-standard parts To describe parts visually and dimensionally Assembly & subassembly drawings To show relationship between all parts, standard and nonstandard Bill of Materials (BOM) to identify all parts and the quantity needed Engineering Education Drawings for manufacture of a single part are known as Detail Drawings Detail Detail drawing Single part Multiview Dimensioned Machining and tolerance instructions Detail Detail drawings are not created for standard parts Threaded Fasteners Bushings Bearings Engineering Education A Detail Drawing Engineering Education A Detail Drawing + Engineering Education A Detail Drawing Bilen pg 576 Engineering Education The title block of a drawing will typically include …. typically Company Company name Projection Projection used Units Units Tolerance Tolerance information Drawing Drawing number Latest Latest revision date Scale Scale of drawing Title Title of part or assembly “Drawn “Drawn by:” Required Required approval blocks Sheet Sheet # of ## Engineering Education Drawing Notes Information Information and instructions Supplement Supplement to: the graphics the title block the bill of materials Two Two types of drawing notes General notes Local notes Engineering Education...
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