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Unformatted text preview: General Notes Apply to the entire drawing Usually above or to left of title block Not referenced from elsewhere in the BOM or drawing “except as shown” or “unless otherwise specified” 1. 2. 3. INTERPRET DRAWING PER DOD-D-1000, LEVEL 2 REMOVE ALL BURRS AND SHARP EDGES SURFACE CODE WITH PTFE BASED COATING, THICKNESS 15-38 mm Engineering Education Local Notes Apply only to certain features or areas Directed to the feature by a leader Referenced by the note number or flag Also known as ‘specific’ notes 4 4 MEASURE COATING THICKNESS ON THIS SURFACE 5 RUBBERSTAMP PART NUMBER HERE Engineering Education Tolerance representation as a general note General Tolerances can be given in a note or the title block. Example 1: ALL DECIMAL DIMENSIONS TO BE HELD TO ± .002” or ALL ANGULAR TOLERANCES ± 1 DEGREE Example 2: Decimal: 1 place Tolerance: .x ± .1 2 place .xx ± .03 3 place .xxx ±.005 Engineering Education Revisions (Change Notes) A record of changes to the drawing due to: Design changes Tooling changes Customer requests Errors etc. Engineering Education Revision (Change) Notes Engineering Education Print Reading Activity Red circle around a general note Blue circle around a local note Black circle around an expression of tolerance Draw an arrow to the title block Engineering Education Drawings that provide information about the relationship between parts are called Assembly Assembly Drawings Assembly drawings Show parts of assembly Contain a Bill of Materials (BOM) Use leaders/balloons for identifying parts Include notes on assembly procedure Three general types of assembly drawings Sectioned assembly - sectioned to show internal features Pictorial assembly - usually isometric, may be exploded Working Assembly (or detail assembly)- Combine detail and assembly Engineering Education A Sectioned Assembly Engineering Education A Sectioned Assembly VT Baja Rack and Pinion System Engineering Education Pictorial Assembly (Exploded Isometric) •Balloons and a Bill of Materials are used to identify individual parts. •Often the Bill of Materials will include reference to a part or drawing number for each non-standard part. Engineering Education Bill of Materials (Parts List) Generally located in right corner of the drawing near the title block Name of each part in assembly Detail number (part number) Part material Quantity Additional information as necessary 5 6 Insert SEAN 12 04 AFN 227257-01 4 6 Torque Screw M2.5x0.45 MS-1017 103849-01 3 6 Wedge Screw M6x1.0 STCM-35-T15 227254-01 2 6 Steel Wedge KNTW-2 227255-01 1 1 Steel Body KNTR-1 227220 Drawing No Engineering Part No No QTY Description Education An assembly drawing created in Inventor for this class CRANK ASSEMBLY Engineering Education The detail drawing of one of the parts, also created in Inventor Engineering Education The detail drawing of another part of the assembly Engineering Education Final Reminders THANK THANK YOU for your attention Attend Attend workshop Engineering Education...
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