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Function ink or screen grab your code here lecture

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Unformatted text preview: ned function ‘Num2Ltr’. function Ink or screen grab your code here: LECTURE Engineering Engineering Education function [ LetterGrade] = Num2Ltr( numgrade ) % Num2Ltr function which converts a numeric grade to a % letter grade % Only converts to A,B,C,D,F. If an invalid grade % is entered the function returns the letter 'X'. if numgrade<0 || numgrade>100 LetterGrade='X'; elseif numgrade>=90 LetterGrade='A'; elseif numgrade>=80 LetterGrade='B'; elseif numgrade>=70 LetterGrade='C'; elseif numgrade>=60 LetterGrade='D'; else LetterGrade='F'; end end % extra end rarely needed in MATLAB functions Run your function for the following grades: 89.99, 103, 72 Note that NONE of the variable names used by the function (internally) appear in your workspace. This is because those variables are LOCAL to the function. Values are passed to- and from- the function via their positions in the argument lists. LECTURE Engineering Engineering Education LECTURE Engineering Engineering Education On your own…..try adding an ‘averaging algorithm’ to the max/min program to find the average of the numbers entered……… LECTURE Engineering Engineering Education...
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