Currently there is a great summer stem opportunity

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Unformatted text preview: holar Site. Currently, there is a great summer STEM opportunity listed. Making Making a single PDF from multiple files: In PDF Annotator EDIT > Documents > Append Document Some Some sketches from the 1950s from Chrysler Corp. http://www.allpar.com/mopar/V6/classic http://www.allpar.com/mopar/V6/classichttp://www.allpar.com/mopar/V6/classic-v6.html Engineering Education Graphics Communication Tests 1. In Workshop This Week INVENTOR Hands-On Test on computer (8% of semester grade, 45 min) 2. Test 1 Graphics Thursday February 28th at 7pm Room locations ON NEXT SLIDE & posted on Scholar Multiple Choice (approximately 30 questions) Topics Include Graphics Communication and Inventor Hand Sketching and Dimensioning (21% of semester grade, 70 min) Engineering Education Graphics Communication Test Test Test 1 Graphics Thursday February 28th at 7pm Please arrive at the designated location for your CRN/WSL 10-15 minutes early so as...
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