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Clarify the orthographic views of complex parts and

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Unformatted text preview: ion views are used to clarify the orthographic views of complex parts and assemblies. Passing a Sectioning Plane (or cutting plane) vertically downward through the part, and the discarding the front half of the part reveals much of the interior detail! A hatch pattern is added to the faces of the part contacted by the cutting plane to add further clarity to the redrawn front orthographic Section View. Engineering Education There are several Section Views • We will work with five (5) 1. Full Section of the most frequently drawn sections. 2. Half Section 3. Offset Section • You will be able to sketch 4. Half Section Through full, half section, and offset section views and Assembly identify assembly, and 5. Removed Section removed sections Engineering Education Full Section •A Full Section is an orthographic view • In creating a full section one full half of the object is removed • Observe the standard practice of omitting hidd...
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