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What are the required functions of a successful

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Unformatted text preview: rtable Light Source Design a portable device that provides light for the user. What are the required functions of a successful solution to this problem? Engineering Engineering Education Morphological Chart Is a useful method for generating a design space It displays design space in a way that enables us to identify potential designs To create a morph chart, we first construct a list of functions/features that our design must perform or attributes it must have Next, we list all different means of implementing each function or attributed identified Engineering Engineering Education Morph Chart for Design of a “Beverage Container” List of functions in rows and means in column (Dym & Little, pg. 104) Function/ Feature Contain Beverage Material for Drink Container Mechanism to Provide Access to Juice Means Can Bottle Box Aluminum Plastic Cardboard Pull Tab Inserted Straw Tear Corner Engineering Engineering Education mp3 Example Functions Means Store power Rechargeable battery Solar power Store music Solid state memory Hard drive Provide means of control Touch wheel Joystick Trackball Mind control Absorb shocks Aluminum shell Springs Bubble wrap Inflatable cushion Alternative #1 Alternative #2 Hydrogen fuel cell Energetic hamster Alternative #3 Engineering Engineering Education Morphological Analysis: Portable Light Source SubSubfunctions Solutions Receive User Input Turn Light On/Off Receive Energy Store Energy Convert Energy to Light Engineering Engineering Education Generate Concepts Once we have a initial mapping of our design space, the next step is to expand or fill that map by identifying the means by which your solution will achieve each function How does one generate concepts? By Doing Research The 6-3-5 Method The C-Sketch Method Design Gallery Method TIP: Surround yourself with a lot of ideas Engineering Engineering Education Generating Potential Solutions: Tips Generate concepts for each individual function Engineering creativity is goal-oriented Divergent thinking is key Look for analogies Look to the impossible “Don’t reinvent the wheel” Benchmarking Product dissection / reverse engineering Patent searches (searching prior art) Engineering Engineering Education Rules of Intuitive Concept Generation Methods Record all ideas generated Review the problem at the beginning of the session Generate as many ideas as possible and...
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