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Unformatted text preview: e design Figure 2.2, p.25 Dym and Little, 2009 5. establish functions 6. establish requirements 7. establish means 8. generate alternatives 9. Refine and apply metrics 10. Choose a design Preliminary Design 13. refine and optimize design 14. Assign and fix design details Detailed Design Final Design (Fabrication Specs & Documentation) Design Communication 15. document design Engineering Engineering Education Phase 2: Conceptual Design • Revised problem statement • Refined objectives • Constraints • User requirements • Conceptual design(s) or scheme(s) • Design Specifications Conceptual Design • Establish means for performing functions • Generate design alternatives • Select design alternative Engineering Engineering Education 11 Design Ideation Why Such a Fuss? By narrowing the choice of ideas from project inception, you narrow the possible solutions, leading to a tired old product Design Fixation – getting fixated on the initial idea and not being able to move beyond it Successful products come from spending a lot of time on generating and testing ideas Engineering Engineering Education “Invention is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration.” - Thomas Edison Engineering Engineering Education Let’s Watch Conceptual Design in Action! ABC Nightline (1999) Documentary on IDEO, a product design firm, as they redesign a shopping cart. This is an edited and modified version of the original documentary. Design Gallery: 6:08-8:24 Engineering Engineering Education Design Space An imaginary “intellectual space” that contains or envelops all of the potential solutions to our design problem (Dym & Little, pg. 102) Provides you with an overview of possible design solutions at that moment Engineering Engineering Education Mapping Your Design Space Previously, as part of problem definition phase of the design process you created a list of objectives for your design and an Objective Tree As a next step, you need to create a list of functions that your design must perform to achieve the objectives you have identified Engineering Engineering Education What is a Function? Functions are the things that the designed object must do in order to...
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