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Unformatted text preview: in Site Info. Class materials will be added to RESOURCES Homework assignments In RESOURCES Homework submission in SUBMISSION LINKS A student guide to scholar: http://www.olcs.lt.vt.edu/scholar/handouts/Active/User_Guides/guideScholarStudent.pdf Engineering Education To do before Week 2 Large Group Session (LGS) RESOURCES See Week 1 Assignments in RESOURCES on Scholar Please Review the Syllabus Load INVENTOR Complete the Homework Reading & Activities Submit deliverables to SUBMISSION LINKS (You won’t find an ASSIGNMENTS tab this semester) The deadline for homework assignment submission is five (5) minutes prior to the start of your Large Group Session the following week. Engineering Education Items to Note Workshop (WS) and Large Group Session (LGS) include related activities. You are expected to complete any in-class activities (WS or LGS) in those class meetings. Tablets are required in both LGS and WS DyKnow will be used in LGS and may be used in WS Engineering Education Puppy Thought for the Day Engineering Education Design Graphics Communication W...
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