Draw a vertical line for the right side of the object

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Unformatted text preview: e front and right side views 5.Draw a vertical line for the right side of the object in the top and front views 6.Finish blocking in the top and right views – construction lines 7.Block in features in each view – aligning feature in adjacent views (Top and front, front and right) – construction lines 8.Check that depth of features is same in top and right views 9.Begin darkening visible lines 10.Add hidden lines and center lines Engineering Education Sketch the orthographic multiview (Top, Front , Right) Engineering Education Submit Your Sketch to Scholar Add a title, the date, and print your name under the sketch (you will do this again in HW). Save your sketch as a PDF Go to Scholar Go to SUBMISSION LINKS Submit your sketch to the WSG1 Link Check for your email confirmation of submission. (You should save these files for all submitted work.) Engineering Education What you learned today List… Engineering Education Reminders Weekly homework assignments will be available on Scholar each Monday/Wednesday at 1:30pm. (On Monday for Monday Large Group Session, On Wednesday for Wednesday Large Group Session) Week 1 Homework Assignment is available now The deadline for homework assignment submission is five (5) minutes prior to the start of your Large Group Session the following week THANK YOU FOR YOUR WORK TODAY ! Engineering Education...
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