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Unformatted text preview: hat is it? Engineering Education Engineering Education A picture is worth a thousand words Engineering Education Recall Creating a multiview Engineering Education Normal three views used in U.S. drawings Front – Top – Rt Side Views Third Angle Projection Engineering Education Orthographic Multiviews – registry between views Note: Labels are here for clarification only. Do not use on your sketches. The blue dashed lines between views are NOT construction lines but have been added to show the alignment between features Engineering Education What are the basic Line Types? What are the 5 basic line types used in engineering sketches and CAD drawings? Engineering Education Line Types Visible (or Object) – used to show visible edges in a view Hidden - used in multiview drawings to indicate a feature that is behind another feature in the view Center – used to mark the center of arcs > 180 degrees (both in-plane and longitudinal). When the center line is short a single short dash is used. Construction – light solid lines us...
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