Engineering education trip program given the

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Unformatted text preview: ng Education Trip Program Given the flowchart for a basic trip program, write the corresponding program in MATLAB via editor %initialiation BUDGET = 65.00; CPG = 3.01; MPG = 28.5; DIST = 200; %Calcualations GASUSED = DIST/MPG; COST = GASUSED * CPG; Engineering Education Engineering Education Running the Program Save Documents>Matlab Save the file to the Documents>Matlab directory on your computer. The The file name may not include spaces, must begin with a letter, letter, cannot contain special characters other than _. There There are four ways to run a script file: Type the file name in the command line Select Debug and run from the editor Select the green run arrow from the editor menu bar Right click on the name in the directory and select run Note: Note: Running the script file will also prompt the user to save the file if not already saved/named Engineering Education What is the purpose of each of the following MATLAB windows ? Current Folder Window Editor Window Command Window Workspace Window Engineering Education MATLAB operators What are the Standard Math operators– for scalar operations? What does i...
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