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Remember only assignment engineering statements

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Unformatted text preview: ember, only ‘assignment’ Engineering statements require the semicolon. Education Example fprintf (output) syntax General Form: fprintf ( ‘ format ’ , Var) Where format contains text and a format field (%f or %s) for each variable to be output fprintf(' \n Surface area is %f square inches.\n ' , SA) ‘Carriage’ Return to start printing a new line Location within the output for a number to be printed Register that holds the number to be printed Result: Surface area is 54.3400 square inches. >> % notice the output units are included in the format statement Engineering in this example they are not a variable in this example. Education Output Syntax General Form: fprintf ( ‘ format ’ , Var1, Var2, Var3) To output more than one variable you can use multiple fprintf statements (one for each variable) or you can output more than one variable with a single fprintf statement. You can also control the number of decimal places printed. fprintf(‘\n Alpha = %6.2f %s and Beta = %.3f %s\n’,...
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