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Statement engineering education lets watch design in

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Unformatted text preview: roblem Definition • • • • Clarify design objectives Establish metrics Identify constraints Revise problem statement Engineering Education Let’s Watch Design in Action! ABC Nightline (1999) Documentary on IDEO, a product design firm, as they redesign a shopping cart. You will watch an edited and modified version of the original documentary. Watch carefully as we will reconstruct the design process used by IDEO. Engineering Education Defining the Problem: Steps 1. Talk to customer 2. Identify objectives, constraints & functions 3. Organize into Objective Tree 4. Establish Metrics 5. Revise Problem Statement Engineering Education 3 Types of Requirements Objectives Constraints Functions Engineering Education 3 Types of Requirements: Objectives Objectives Objective: Something toward which effort is directed; an aim or end of action Engineering Education 3 Types of Requirements: Constraints Constraints Constraint: the state of being checked, restricted, or compelled to avoid or perform some action Engineering Education 3 Types of Requirements: Functions Functions Function: the action for which a person/thing is specifically fitted or used or for which a thing exists Engineering Education Th...
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