Engineering engineering education 3rs of prototyping

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Unformatted text preview: ve to be pretty Rapid Prototype can (and should) be built quickly Right Prototypes should ask the right question “Enlightened trial and error” Engineering Engineering Education Prototyping Maxims Just make something Allow yourself to fail double your failure rate Focus attention on an particular point of the project Tell the story of the idea you’re developing Elicit user feedback as soon and as often as possible Showing low-resolution prototypes to users allows fast iterations of ideas Create a dialogue Explore new technologies Engineering Engineering Education QUIZ….close tablets Engineering Engineering Education The Marshmallow Challenge Engineering Engineering Education What you get… Engineering Engineering Education What you want… Goal: Build the Tallest Free-standing Structure 4 18 People Per Team Minutes Engineering Engineering Education Minor details… Goal: Build the Tallest Free-standing Structure Structure is measured from the table top surface to the top of the marshmallow. The Entire marshmallow must be on top Use as much or as little of the kit Break up the spaghetti, string or tape Touching or supporting the structure at the end of the exercise is not allowed Engineering Engineering Education Happy Building… Engineering Engineering Education So what? Engineering Engineering Education Take away… Prototyping matters! Metaphor of hidden assumptions Most assume that the marshmallow is light and fluffy (and can easily be supported) Need to identify the assumptions in our projects: The real customer needs The cost of the product Test them early and often This leads to effective innovation Engineering Engineering Education...
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