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Unformatted text preview: Human Rights Violations State-Corporate Crime State Violence VIDEO: U.S. Oil Spill The Cause of Crime • The key crime-producing element of The modern corporate capitalism is the effort to increase surplus value increase • Each society produces its own types and Each amounts of crime amounts • Each society has its own distinctive ways of Each dealing with criminal behavior dealing • Each society gets the amount and type of Each crime that it deserves crime Globalization • The process of creating a global economy through The transnational markets and political and legal systems systems • Process increased with the fall of the Soviet Union Process and development of China as a superpower and • Some suggest globalization allows multinational Some corporations to exploit the natural resources of third world nations third • Globalization is predicted to have a profound Globalization impact on both the economy and crime rates impact VIDEO: Public Corruption Instrumental Theory • Sees criminal law and the criminal justice system Sees as capitalist instruments for controlling the lower class class • Enables the powerful to impose their morality of Enables standards of behavior on the entire society standards • The poor may or may not commit more crime, but The arrested and punished more often arrested • Poor driven to crime by natural frustration where Poor affluence is publicized but unattainable affluence Structural Theory • Based on the belief that criminal law and the Based criminal justice system are means of defending and preserving the capitalist system preserving • Law is designed to keep system operating Law efficiently- those who protest are “rocking the boat” efficiently- Critique of Critical Criminology • Neglects the capitalist system’s effort to regulate Neglects itself itself • Fails to explain why some highly capitalist Fails countries have low crime rates countries • Critical thinkers are accused of ignoring problems Critical and conflicts in sot countries and • Rarely use surveys or quantitative analyses– more Rarely likely to analyze historical trends likely • Empirical research shows that race is an important Empirical factor in CJS outcomes– also police use of force more common in economically poor areas more Emerging Forms of Critical Criminology • • • left realism peacemaking criminology critical feminist theory • power-control t...
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