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G introducing a regex of img src generalize to

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Unformatted text preview: t;I>Publisher:</I>Longman<BR> </HTML> <HTML><B>#PCDATA</B><P>(<U>#PCDATA</U><BR>)+ <I>Price:</I>#PCDATA<BR><I>Publisher:</I>#PCDATA<BR></HTML> Automatic Wrapper Construction (2 of 12) Example 22 Now we compare the second page with the regular expression that we got from the first page. Now we generate a new regular expression from both pages. <HTML> <B>The Elements of Style</B><P> <U>William Strunk Jr.</U><BR> <U>E. B. White</U><BR> <I>Price:</I>$9.95<BR> <I>Publisher:</I>Longman<BR> </HTML> <HTML> <B>The Snow of Kilimanjaro</B><P> <U>Emest Hemingway</U><BR> <I>Publisher:</I>Scribner<BR> </HTML> Note:The “?” means that the block of text may be optional. Each web page may not contain the same attributes and fields as the other web pages. <HTML><B>#PCDATA</B><P>(<U>#PCDATA</U><BR>)+ (<I>Price:</I>#PCDATA<BR>)?<I>Publisher:</I>#PCDATA<BR></HTML> Automatic Wrapper Construction (3 of 12) 23 RoadRunner: Inferring Schema and Program We repeat the previous steps from the example to all web pages so that in the end we have a REGEX that can be matched on all web pages. • Given a set of Web pages P = {p1,…,pk} – Examine P to infer extraction program (as a REGEX) – Then infer the schema from the extraction results • To infer extraction program, iterate – Initialize a REGEX to page p1 – Generalize it to match p2, and so on – Return a REGEX that has been generalized (minimally) to match all the pages in P Automatic Wrapper Construction (4 of 12) 24 When comparing web pages and generalizing the regular expression, we change it based on the differences: - String mismatch(easy) “Vincent” vs “Kevin” - Tag mismatch(hard) 2 tags vs 1 tag then a string The Gene...
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