Log must occur before saying commit rule 2 output to

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Unformatted text preview: hen a new checkpoint starts, keep track of ac-ve transac-ons ac-ve transac-ons are non commiIed ones (transac-ons I want to complete) Push ac-ve transac-ons to complete; when they are done we can end checkpoint “end checkpoin-ng” means everything has been wriIen to disk by “start checkpoin-ng”, so you only have to scan to “start checkpoin-ng” if error occurs aXer “end checkpoin-ng”. If an error occurs before “end checkpoin-ng”, you have to go back to the start of ac-ve transac-ons in “start checkpoin-ng” and undo them Redo •  •  •  •  •  •  Keep log of “start” of transac-on, when it is “commiIed”, if it is “aborted”, and that it has changed element X to new value v Rule 1. log must occur before...
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