Essay 2- KCM- The Siblings of Fiction

Essay 2- KCM- The Siblings of Fiction - Murray 1 Kristin...

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Murray 1 Kristin Murray Prof. Tipton English 1010-032 11 October, 2007 Essay 2 Rough Draft The Siblings of Fiction In front of the television screen is an overweight young man in his late teens, early twenties. He no longer remembers that there is an unfinished can of soda behind him on a stained antiqued side table. Along his dresser are video game figurines set up in the order of his most favorite. The puke-ish green t-shirt on his sweaty back is being eaten by his rolls of fat and there are grease swipes from his hands that are full of potato chip salt. Now, picture this. In those sausage- like hands, is a video game controller that can barely be seen because he is pounding the buttons so fast. The pain from the pumping of the buttons has ceased after his first hour of playing; that was four years ago. In the room down that hall is our new friend’s sister. Ignore the peeling wall paper in the hall and follow me. Look at her room. It’s full of posters from every book that has become a movie and her bed never needs to be made again because she is always on it. She has braces and glasses; she is the epitome of a stereotype. However, the batteries of her personality are put into her unique style. Her black shirt has a broom on it with swirling words reading “Nimbus 2000”. Unlike her brother, she takes showers and does great in school. Of course she exceeds at her school work, in her mind she says to her self every day, “If Hermione can do it, I can too.” When mini- witch’s brother finally decides to pause his game after many, Let me get to a save spot! ’s, they head off to school. The siblings both have a book in their hand. One has Harry Potter and the other has the strategy guide to the Final Fantasy XII game. The only people that sit by them are their friends that like the same things, but, to their extremes. Potato chip boy has a
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Murray 2 group of friends from his gamer club online. He compares how high his character’s levels, how
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Essay 2- KCM- The Siblings of Fiction - Murray 1 Kristin...

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