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Murray 1 Kristin Murray English 1020 21 February 2008 Prof. Watson Midterm Paper Necessity of Music Education? Yeah, it’s important! Have you ever seen a family that was just happy to be with each other and were able to just jam out with various instruments in their living room? It truly is a wonderful site. Not many families now-a-days go around saying that their favorite time of the day is when they can play drums with Dad while brother plays bass and Mom improvises on sax. This same idea comes forth in that of a child that goes to school and their favorite time of the day is band during 6 th period. Music is a very important part of and person’s daily life. If the music is not grounded in early and higher education where do all the important morals and leanings of life go? No one really known the real answer to that question because music has not fully dies out from the school yet. But it is happening fast. More and more children go to school during this era that have never played a recorder or sang a popular folk song in a class room setting. The education of music ties all important things of life together in a gentle woven blanket to cover their hearts. Everything from the history and art to the sheer enjoyment of music shows its own importance. “Administrators, teachers and taxpayers who support music in the school curriculum may do so because of the powerful musical and music-educational experiences they recall from their youth” (Campbell 15). However, sometimes the school budget gets backed up and they may not afford a new music teacher when it comes to hiring a new one. This leads to an entire school or school district to be without music and/or arts. The schools then concentrate on the curriculums of math, English, and science. When schools opened last week in New London, there were no longer any
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Murray 2 instrumental music classes at elementary schools. At the middle school, the sixth-grade band was eliminated, and seventh-grade band classes were cut back to a half year (Ohanian). This crisis is being seen all over, and leaves teachers without jobs and students with out a versatile learning experience. Children will not have the stimulation of excitement with out a complete curriculum. I can recall the first time that I set foot in my first band class in fourth grade. I was beyond excited because my Aunt had sent her old flute to me and I felt so honored to be playing it. Once we sat down to begin I knew I could only play about five of the notes on the page, but I did not care as long as I got play music. All of my friends were as excited as I was and even more so once we got a song down. Therefore, I can only assume that most children that go into music at an early age felt the same as we did. Pure joy of a student radiates throughout their home when they returned from school.
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midtermpaper - Murray 1 Kristin Murray English 1020 21...

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